The Douglas Hammer is Back!

We are currently producing the TC20 framing hammer and the all new 17oz model with framer and smooth face options.

Douglas hammers changed framing hammers forever. With the magnetic nail-pull, modified side-pull, inverted traction face, and the head-handle interface with over-strike protection.

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Update November 25th, 2022:

We have posted some new batches and auctions. The regular product listings have been removed temporarily while we get ready for full stock.

Update July 11th, 2022:

As we work on new hammer production, we wanted to have something available for you. I’m going through what I have and will post small batches for sale on the website.

These will be various models and configurations, some more limited than others.

There will also be a separate mailing list to be notified when new batches are available, you can sign up on the Batches Page.

Normal inventory is out of stock. Check the batches page for what is currently for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running Douglas Tool International Inc.?

Todd Coonrad – “I am the founder and original owner of the company. My middle name is Douglas – thus the company name. I am the original and current Designer/Maker of Douglas Hammers.”

Where are Douglas hammers made?
All Douglas hammers are made by Todd Douglas Coonrad in California from US and non-US components.

We are working on documenting the Douglas story and process, stay tuned.

Do you have hammers?

We currently have the TC20 and the new 17oz model with smooth and framer face available for purchase. Orders placed go out in the order they came in, we’re working to shorten the lead times.

What kind of finish is on the current handles?

The handle finish we are currently using is a proprietary penetrating oil finish created by Todd. It is more of an old-world finish. We used to use lacquer which is surface-based and does not hold up as well.

I see a brand 'X' hammer that looks just like yours, is it the same?
There are knockoffs out there. Please don’t buy them!
Will you have finish hammers available?

We now have the 17oz model for preorder with a smooth face version.

Is there any way to get replacement handles?

We have been focusing on hammers but are also working on making handle kits available. We currently have the 16CX handle kits available. This is the 16″ handle that will work on most hammers. It will not work on the FR20S, FI20S, or Woody hammers. 

I am outside of the U.S., how can I get a hammer?
We are shipping to many countries now, please see if your country is listed during checkout. If it is not you can fill out this form.

As we continue to grow the business we are looking at options to ship to more areas.

Do you sell on Amazon?

We are not currently selling on Amazon, we might again in the future.